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Our Staff | H & H Service Advantage

Don FriesenDon Friesen


The owner, graduated from College with a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology and began studies towards a Master’s in Educational Psychology. Earning his way through both degree programs working in the automotive world, he discovered that his passion was in the interaction with people, customers, and employees. His “teacher’s heart” is evident in the culture at H&H. Our extensive library of data, experience and skill will keep you and your car, Happy & Healthy!


Mike SlackMike Slack


Our car care specialist, devotes his full attention to each and every customer to help explain any car issue and work towards a desired outcome. He gives step-by-step updates on you vehicle and confirms work before we fix the problem, so there are no unexpected charges. He is a crucial member to our team because he is the link between the technicians and the customers. He deciphers what the technicians see into understandable concepts that you can easily comprehend.


Dan WalzDan Walz


One of our ASE certified technicians, who has more years experience in this field than most of us have just being alive. He is one of our best technicians with over 45 years in the automotive industry and 25 years with us. He can fix some of your most challenging car problems in a timely manner.  


Addison NegleyAddison Negley


He is an ASE certified technician, has been with us for 5 years now and graduated from SCC Tech School in 2010. He has 4 years of experience with diesel tech in the Marine Corps, which is the area he excels in here at H&H. 


Roger StanderRoger Stander


Is our newest member to H&H Service Advantage and has already proven himself with engines. He especially is handy with getting work done when it counts. He keeps the flow of cars coming in and out of the garage running smoothly. 



Daniel ClayDaniel Clay


Is one of our superior drivers who will take you to your destination while your car is being worked on, then bring you back after your car is done. He is one of the friendliest guys you will ever meet. Every time he pulls up, a big, bright smile will be waiting for you. 


Leroy WiekampLeroy Wiekamp


Is our other excellent driver who will greet you with a smile and be there to pick you up when your car is ready. He keeps the mood in our shop light-hearted and happy. We are so thankful for Leroy and his work.