Ask Abbie


H&H is proud to announce a very important addition to our staff! You will be seeing “Ask Abbie” along with everything we do. Abbie is an extraordinary young lady who’s loves Brett and horses, and maybe not always in that order! Abbie can somehow get on a horse and ride around three standing 55 gallon drums, arranged in a funny triangle, and get back in under 17 seconds. If you have barrel-racing questions just Ask Abbie. Abbie is working to keep your schedule and our schedule in synch, and she is full of very useful information.

Ask Abbie


Abbie is a dedicated to lowering the worry level a person may have about their vehicle. She is available for your questions and concerns at any time about anything vehicle related! It is as easy as sending an email or picking up a phone and dialing. We want you to know everything you can about your car so you know what to do when problems break out. If you love your car a little, then it will love you back. H&H Service Advantage wants you to drive a Happy and Healthy car.


Some questions you may want to Ask Abbie:

  • Why do my brakes squeal?
  • How often should I change my oil?
  • When is the tread on my tires too low?
  • What do I look for when buying a car?
  • Why is it important to maintain all the fluids in my vehicle?
  • What maintenance does my vehicle need as seasons change?

We have needed a more balanced staff, with Mike and Don handling much of the more detailed explanation and customer teaching. Abbie not only knows horseshoes, Abbie knows an awful lot about tires, air filters, oil filters and best of all, her B.S. degree from Bob Jones University is in Communications. Finally, when you call, you will get the pleasant voice of someone who doesn’t speak in “techno-jargon”.

Abbie will also be calling many of you after your service visit to H&H just to be certain that we have answered all of your questions. Feel welcome to Ask Abbie! Abbie will take care to see that your service times coordinate with your work schedule and our ASE technicians’ schedules. For any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment email!